Technology has come a long way as it relates to a chip or crack in your windshield, but sometimes replacement is the best or only option. The good news is windshield replacement is relatively simple and typically will not tie up your car for longer than a few hours.

Most auto glass shops today can provide windshield replacement services in their shop or on the road. At Senneco Auto Glass, you always have the option of bringing your vehicle to the shop or requesting our mobile auto glass services in Summit County or Cuyahoga County. Either way, the process of replacing your windshield is pretty straightforward.

  • A technician removes your old windshield, along with debris and old sealant that will interfere with setting the new glass.
  • New adhesive sealant is applied.
  • Your new windshield is carefully set into the mounting area.
  • Retention tape is secured around the perimeter of the windshield to protect the sealant as it dries.

So, how much time should you allow if you need a new windshield? The time needed to complete your repair and how long you must wait before driving your car are impacted by the make, model, and age of your vehicle and the outdoor weather conditions.

Some makes and models, especially newer model cars, have wires and sensors attached to the windshield that provide a variety of advanced features. Your auto glass technician may need more time to both disassemble and reassemble these wires and sensors and ensure they are working properly once your new windshield is set. For vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), recalibration may take up to an additional 45 minutes.

Temperature extremes and humidity require some variation in wait time for auto glass replacement in Summit and Cuyahoga County. Specifically, cold temperatures and dry air cause the adhesive to take longer to harden, while warm temperatures and higher humidity will speed up that process.

Your auto glass technician in Cleveland, Akron, and the surrounding area will advise you of the following steps after your windshield has been installed.

  • Wait at least 60 minutes after installation of your new window before driving your car.
  • Keep the retention tape in place for 24 to 48 hours, per direction from your auto glass technician.
  • Avoid bumpy roads, potholes, and car washes during drying time.
  • Do not use a sunshade until retention tape is removed.
  • Crack a window and close the doors gently to reduce air pressure during drying time.

Windshield replacement in Summit, Cuyahoga counties

At Senneco Auto Glass, we can complete most windshield replacements in less than an hour. Our technicians will review the process with you before beginning so you understand our full installation procedure and how long you should allow for your windshield replacement service. Usually, two to three hours is sufficient from start to when you can leave with your vehicle.

If you are looking for quality windshield replacement anywhere in the Cleveland or Akron areas, look no further than Senneco Auto Glass. Call today for an in-shop appointment or for our mobile auto glass service. We’ll come to you!