Auto glass companies have made it more convenient than ever to replace your windshield, often with mobile service that will take care of your replacement wherever your car is. Considering how important your windshield is to your safety in your vehicle, this is a great service.

Unfortunately, it can still be an expense that for some may lead to procrastination. That’s why the ability to repair a windshield instead is an even greater service.

When can a windshield be repaired? When a chip or crack is small enough to be addressed with a resin filler.

But a chip or small crack is no big deal!

The fact is, a chip or crack is not a minor issue on your windshield. Even a barely noticeable chip is vulnerable to a simple bump in the road and that tiny chip or crack will spread without warning. If the break spreads over the whole window, you can quickly have a safety issue on your hands. Damaged glass is about 70% weaker than undamaged glass and that impacts the overall structural integrity of your vehicle.

Even if the chip only becomes a long crack across the windshield, what was a repair job has now become a more expensive replacement that could have been avoided.

For vehicle owners, this means taking advantage of windshield repair immediately upon noticing a chip or small crack anywhere in the windshield, both for safety reasons and the cost savings.

Windshield repair in Akron OH – What you should know

If you have noticed a chip or crack in your windshield, it is crucial that you go to a reputable auto glass company to ensure a safe repair that will withstand regular wear and tear. At Senneco Auto Glass, your chipped windshield will be repaired using a fully tested resin that provides maximum strength and adhesion over time without discoloring.

Remember, not every chip or crack is appropriate for repair. The Senneco team will advise you whether your damaged windshield can be repaired or if it should be replaced. Our mobile auto glass service will come to you for repair or replacement.

We recommend replacement in any of the following situations:

If you need auto glass services in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, or the surrounding area, contact Senneco Auto Glass today.