Used Auto Glass

We have the used auto glass you’re looking for!

When you need an affordable alternative to new glass for your car or truck, look no further than Senneco Auto Glass. We carry a wide variety of used auto glass options at our Cuyahoga Falls location.

There are many advantages to buying used auto glass.

  • Savings – If you are paying out of pocket, used auto glass is much less expensive than buying new. It is an especially good option for side windows or your rear windshield.
  • An exact match – With our many choices, we can usually provide you a perfect fit to your car or truck, right down to the tint.
  • No waiting – Any used glass in our inventory is ready for immediate installation, so there is no risk of a delay if we have to order your new glass.
  • Ideal for antiques – For vintage cars and trucks, you are more likely to get the right fit and look with used auto glass.

Used auto glass may not be the best option for every customer. We can help check your vehicle warranties and insurance policy to determine whether used glass is right for you.

Our used glass is available in all sizes and shapes for any car, truck, commercial vehicle, or RV, and will generally provide the same protection and benefits as new auto glass. If you are not covered for windshield replacement on your insurance, ask us about savings opportunities by buying used auto glass.

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