More than ever, installing a new windshield in your car or truck is a job best left to professionals. That’s because in today’s vehicles, the windshield is more than just a critical part of the frame and integrity of your car. Advanced safety equipment, including cameras and sensors are embedded in the windshield and require proper installation to work.

Safety features in your windshield

Modern vehicles are loaded with safety features that rely on technology in the windshield. Consider the following possible equipment impacted by a windshield replacement:


Replacing the windshield requires disconnecting and reconnecting many of these features, as well as ensuring the windshield is the right size, shape, and properly seated and secured to support this technology. In some cases, vehicles may require original equipment rather than an aftermarket part, so working with a professional who is knowledgeable about your car’s specifications is critical.

Professional windshield replacement in Akron, Cleveland

Your successful windshield replacement relies on professional installation, good quality glass, and the right amount of time. At Senneco Glass, our clients can expect the following:

Auto glass service in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Don’t guess if your windshield has been damaged or you believe it was improperly installed. Call Senneco if you:


At Senneco Auto Glass, our team is available for all your windshield needs for your car or truck, as well as repairs on any other window on your car or truck. Call us today!