A chip or crack in your windshield may seem like a minor issue that can be addressed at some later date. Maybe you have put off scheduling a windshield repair because you think you don’t have time or it will be expensive.

Not everything you hear about a cracked windshield or auto glass repair in Akron, Cleveland and the surrounding area is true. Learn the facts about auto glass repair from the team at Senneco Auto Glass.

A small chip can be a big deal. Get it fixed!

Once your windshield has been chipped or cracked, its integrity is compromised, meaning you and your passengers could be vulnerable. Hit a pothole in the road, minor impact with a curb, even temperature change, could cause a chip or crack to spread or worse, spiderweb, obscuring your view and possibly causing an accident.

Never discount a chip as “no big deal.” Even if a small chip is not in your line of sight, scheduling a timely repair is critical to protect you and your car.

Be wary of small rocks, debris, and extreme temperatures.

You may think only big rocks can damage your windshield, but small rocks or debris traveling at high rates of speed can chip your windshield, and you may not even realize it happened. Likewise, extreme temperatures can catch you off guard, especially if you already have a chip in your windshield. A window that is frosted over or extremely cold and suddenly hit with a blast of heat (for example, from your defroster) can begin to crack further or even shatter.

Check your window carefully if you have been hit by debris while driving and consider the possibility of chips before subjecting your windshield to sudden temperature changes.

Your insurance will probably pay for a repair or replacement.

The comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy covers damage to your windshield resulting from anything outside of an accident, so it’s worth checking yours if you need windshield repairs or replacement. You will want to check if you have a deductible, but frequently insurance companies provide a separate allowance for windshield damage and a repair or replacement is fully covered with no money out of pocket.

Worried about your premium going up? In the vast majority of cases, it is unlikely. These types of comprehensive claims generally do not impact insurance premiums and windshield repairs are typically inexpensive – less than $300. That being said, check your deductible. It may not be worth filing a claim if your repair is significantly less than your deductible.

Don’t try to fix it yourself.

DIY windshield repair kits are never as easy or as effective as they claim to be. Attempting to make such a repair can also void an existing warranty provided for the original auto glass on your vehicle.

Rather than risk additional damage or putting you or your family in danger, contact an auto glass professional to assess and repair a damaged windshield.

Senneco repairs auto glass quickly.

At Senneco Auto Glass, a repair or replacement of any windshield can be completed in less than a day, often while you wait. Our convenient mobile glass service can come to you wherever you are and handle your repair or replacement at your home, your workplace, or a retail location.

Our team makes it worth your while to handle a chip or crack in your windshield quickly, before additional damage can make it necessary to replace your entire windshield.

Call the Senneco team today for auto glass service in Cleveland and Akron.