For the right vehicle and the right buyer, used auto glass can have some great benefits, starting with a significant cost savings. It is not necessarily the right choice for everyone, however. For those considering used auto glass it’s critical to take a few precautionary steps and ask some questions.

Auto glass—whether side glass, rear windshield, or front windshield—must meet certain safety standards in design, structure, and installation. That’s because the glass in a car or truck plays a big role in the overall protection any vehicle provides the passengers inside. Used auto glass that has chips or scratches may no longer meet those standards so it’s important to carefully inspect a piece of used glass to ensure there is no damage.

Installation also is a critical part of auto glass safety, whether the glass is used or new, especially for the front windshield. Precise installation is key to limiting shattering, preventing occupants from being thrown during impact, even maintaining the integrity of the vehicle frame and ensuing that airbags deploy properly.

If you are in the market for used auto glass, your best assurance of a quality product properly installed is to work with a reputable company and ask detailed questions about the glass, the installation process, and any warranties that may be impacted before making a decision.

Used Auto Glass tips

There are pros and cons to choosing used when replacing your auto glass, however, you can maximize the benefits and overcome the concerns by keeping the following in mind.

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